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Unusual Finds at the Palm Beach Art Fair

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Certainly, you’ll find beautiful antiques at the Palm Beach/America’s Fine Art & Antique Fair.  Such finds at the 2007 fair included an oval punch bowl once owned by Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, that was from around 1795. Owned by Chinese export dealers Cohen & Cohen, this star piece sold in the six figures.

Phoenix Ancient Art exhibited outstanding antiquities, including an Egyptian granite torso of King Nepherities from the 29th Dynasty (399-393 B.C.) that was priced at $2 million. As Hicham Aboutaam, co-owner of Phoenix Ancient Art, said, “There is a lot of interest in every piece we have.”

In addition to these traditional antique offerings, the fair saw some unusual collections as well. The 19th Century Shop from Baltimore, Maryland sold a collection of NASA memorabilia including documents that related to Apollo 11th first manned moon landing in 1969. Young artists were features for the first time at the fair, as well, including silversmith Sidsell Dorph-Jenasen and jewelry makers Cornelia Rating and Lily Hastedt.