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Helmet Envy

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Sure, I enjoy ancient coins and pottery shards and the occasional figurine. But the antiquity that I most covet is a fighting helmet, and make it a Corinthian one. These intricate helmets made of one sheet of metal were one of the most prized possessions of the ancient warrior. There are also somewhat hard to get a hold of, as they were usually kept in use, even passed from father to son, until they were damaged. Even a partially damaged one can be restored nicely and look quite impressive. If you happen to spot one for less than $15,000 let me know.

Antiquities On Tour

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

You are interested in antiquities and you love to travel. So why not choose vacation spots that also offer access to sites from the ancient world. You can even find plenty of tours that focus on archeology and antiquities. There is nothing like walking through ancient ruins to spark interest in the ancient world and the records left from it. I would recommend Greece and Turkey. Great spots with tons of history and archeology.

Keep the Change!

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

One easy way to enter the ancient world is to begin a collection of ancient coins. Many coins from ancient civilizations are available for purchase – Persian, Greek, Roman, Ancient Israelite coins to name a few. And though prices of coins vary greatly, you can certainly get started on a modest budget. However, be warned that trying to get a good handle on the different areas and values of coins can be quite challenging, even overwhelming. I suggests picking one area of interests and looking into coins from that one area. You also might want to invest in some collectors guides.